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Lapis Lazuli Metaphysical Properties

Because of its stunning color, lapis lazuli has long been associated with various mystical and metaphysical properties. Whether or not these claims have any merit, people have coveted the azure stone through the years, believing in its various healing and enlightening powers. These properties make lapis a popular component in many amulets and talismans.

Lapis lazuli is well known for its healing energy. As a deep blue stone, it is typically associated with calming and relaxing. Lapis is said to improve circulation and cardiac rhythm. It can also lower blood pressure and relieve insomnia. Rubbing lapis on afflicted areas can calm the skin to reduce bruising and heal a slew of problems. It is also used to relieve cramps and stiffness. Lapis talismans are attributed with relieving migraines and subduing attention-deficit disorders as well. Clearly, the deep blue stone is associated with all manners of calming, relaxing, and alleviating various ailments.

Many people attribute lapis lazuli with emotional healing as well. The calming nature of the stone relieves anger, negative thoughts, and provides relief from suppressed emotions by helping the wearer become more honest and self-aware. It is also said to treat social anxiety by encouraging the wearer to become more friendly and diminishing social anxiety.

The stone is also often attributed with the ability to balance one’s chakra and spiritual energy. Lapis lazuli is said to balance the energy of the throat chakra. By opening the throat chakra, lapis encourages self-expression and communication for a heightened sense of self-awareness and connection to the outside world. By representing universal truth, lapis enhances one’s spiritual energy by provoking honesty and introspection. This in turn releases stress to promote peace and happiness. It has also been credited with stimulating the development of psychic abilities. By promoting intuition and psychic awareness, it is often used to enhance creativity in writing and art.

There are several ways to access lapis lazuli’s metaphysical properties and find out if they work for you. Wearing lapis amulets, talismans, pendants, or jewelry is said to unlock much of its emotional and spiritual healing energy. Meditating with lapis pieces can be instrumental in balancing one’s spiritual energy. Heating lapis lazuli stones and placing them on the afflicted areas is a common way to utilize its physical healing abilities. Additionally, many people like to strategically use lapis in their home decorating in order to correct feng shui and create an aura of peace, protection, and purification in the house.


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